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Alberto 17" Cordless Accent Lamp

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Height: 16.5"

Width: 10"

Base: 4.5" Round

Lightsource: Rechargeable LED w/ Dimmer

Wattage: 3w (300lm)

Shade Details: 9" x 10" x 6"

UL Only | Rechargeable Custom LED Lightsource Included | 6 feet of USBC to C cable Included, with USB to USC B Adaptor

Weight: 3 lbs.

The Alberto by Julie Neill pays homage to artist Diego Giacometti through elegant floral forms. Flowers, alone or in groups, bloom with intricate petals that explore the beauty of plaster as a sculptural material lending itself to this down-to-earth texture completed by a variety of metallic finishes. Spanning sconces, chandeliers, lamps and lanterns, the unique and versatile collection is ideal for dining rooms, entryways, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.